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AVUITY completes acquisition with Evermore Industries to Enable Growth and Innovation

Evermore Industries’ investment will enable accelerated growth and innovation as AVUITY scales up to meet demand from customers around the globe.

Brad Johnson, CEO of AVUITY, says of the partnership:

“AVUITY is at an inflection point with the emergence of Hybrid Work and impending Return to Office driving exceptional growth in our business. This partnership with Evermore Industries will help us scale across all business operations as well as drive additional investment into our technology, which already leads the market.”

Justin Vogt, Evermore Industries’ Co-Founder, and CEO, comments on the decision to partner with AVUITY:

“The market feedback on AVUITY’s team, product, and reputation were remarkable. AVUITY’s products and services are helping customers answer the most difficult and pertinent questions about how real estate will be used in the future.”

Ed Redden, Evermore Industries’ Co-Founder, and President adds:

“AVUITY is the epitome of what Evermore Industries was established to serve. With a great team in place, fantastic technology, and a growing market, we are incredibly excited to use our expertise to help the team achieve its incredible potential over the coming years.”

Both Justin Vogt and Ed Redden will take active roles in helping drive the success of AVUITY. Justin will lead finance and business development efforts while Ed leads operations. Brad Johnson will continue as AVUITY’s CEO with efforts focused on long-term strategy and engineering.

About Evermore Industries

Evermore Industries invests in high-quality, profitable, growing technology and service and businesses with no intention of ever selling. Based in Austin, Texas, and investing around the United States, Evermore Industries exclusively focuses on businesses with long-term growth potential and large ambitions.

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