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    New VuSpace Enhancements and AVUITY Mobile 2.0 Launched


    • Visit our VuSpace Product Overview and AVUITY Mobile pages to see how we are upgrading our platform to better support your organization and the experience of your employees. 
    • All software and app enhancements are free and automatic for existing customers!



      AVUITY is pleased to announce new enhancements to our platform to assist organizations in returning to work safely amidst COVID-19 concerns. These updates to our sensors and space utilization software are specifically designed to inform and guide the increased focus on health and safety.


      • Real-time notifications if spaces are either too highly populated or areas have reached certain density based on maximum capacity.
      • Automatic booking of nearby workstations to limit the number of workers in immediate proximity to one another for high usage zones.
      • Notifications when workstations, meeting rooms, cafés, or bathrooms have reached a threshold of visitors and require their next cleaning.
      • Ability to adjust protocols for space usage as health concerns change over time, preparing your organization for future changes that might impact workplace safety.

      Better Space Utilization

      In the average office roughly *30-40% of space goes unused while workers generally only spend approximately 40% of their day at an assigned workstation*—meaning there are often a lot of loose ends when understanding the workplaceAt AVUITY we offer a suite of space measurement products and services that provide an unprecedented view into the activity and trends within your workspace. With the combination of our hardware, analytics, and end user app we can help you understand your space while enhancing your organization’s employee experience. We don’t just want your office to work, we want it to work for you. 

      *JLL Office Space Benchmarking Report


      Average Unused Office Space


      Average Time Desks are Occupied

      COVID Safety in the Workplace: 5 Things to Consider as Your Organization Returns to the Office

      1. Does your organization have a good grasp on how your space was being used pre-COVID?
      2. A culture of choice and worker autonomy.
      3. Employee Awareness of Health + Safety.
      4. Taking measures to help monitor capacity and usage.
      5. Supporting today’s needs while also considering the future beyond COVID-19.

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      VuSpace is a web-based application that acts as a hub for your collected data and allows you to manage your devices, reports, and access analytics to help understand your space.  Think of VuSpace as the software-based brain behind your hardware and workplace measurement tools.

      Technology to Measure and Understand

      From our proprietary sensors to our room displays and interactive maps—our technology is designed to function across multiple platforms to inform workplace strategy and make employee’s lives easier.

      Insights that Drive Change

      Our platform measures not only space usage, but also what amenities, technology, and space traits are preferred, helping your organization identify which areas are popular, which are unpopular, and “why.”


      Room Scheduling

      VuBook is an easily-deployed solution to help your team find and secure meeting rooms and workspaces based on real time occupancy and calendar availability.  Our mobile app runs on all major platforms and supports both the Microsoft Exchange and Google Suite for full calendar integration.

      Wayfinding Displays

      The Interactive Map Display provides a seamless experience where rooms can be booked, amenities identified, and more. This feature runs on a large touch-screen monitor located in a high traffic area such as a busy hallway or lobby; it can also run as scheduling panels on your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.

      Space Booking

      AVUITY provides users the ability to quickly book available rooms or workstations on their phone, at the space, or on the map. The reservation is updated in real-time on the Interactive Map Display for others to view.