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Data-Driven Space Utilization and Cost Reduction

AVUITY helps the largest companies in the world make better data-driven decisions about their CRE, saving space while streamlining daily operations. With the proper insight acquired by our best-in-class workplace sensors, AVUITY gives context to your space—so you can optimize your corporate real estate portfolio, improving its functionality for employees and the bottom line.

Problems We Solve

Portfolio Rightsizing
HVAC & Cleaning Solutions
Manage Hybrid Workspaces
  • Portfolio Rightsizing

    AVUITY leverages data gathered from workplace sensors to inform our clients of common office trends, giving them the power to make informed decisions that will ultimately reduce real estate costs.

  • Improve Space Utilization

    AVUITY provides the blueprints for optimal office layouts, driven by data to ensure employee and management satisfaction.

  • HVAC & Cleaning Optimization

    Our sensors seamlessly integrate with your HVAC and facilities systems, saving time and money on energy and cleaning.

  • Manage Hybrid Workspaces

    Hybrid work continues to surge in popularity which means businesses need to adapt their office environments for differing attendance levels and schedules.

Trusted by the Fortune 50 in the United States and Beyond

With a decade of experience deploying sensors and collecting data, AVUITY utilizes those metrics to equip you to create better working environments. Measuring tens of millions of square feet of space, AVUITY has the largest footprint of any sensor business—ensuring our solutions provide actionable insights for office staff.
Average Unused
Office Space
Average Time Desks
are Occupied
Office sample for Avuity

Better Space Utilization

In the average office, roughly 30-40% of space remains unused while workers only spend around 40% of their day at an assigned workstation. To AVUITY, that data proves there are loose ends in the workplace. AVUITY’s suite of space measurement products and services provides an unprecedented view into the activities and trends of a workplace, providing you with the knowledge to make positive changes. With our hardware, analytics, and end-user app, AVUITY understands your space and prioritizes efficiency—enhancing the workplace for all. We don’t want your office to just work, we want it to work for you as well.


This cutting edge device measures occupancy, utilization, temperature, light, noise and humidity. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, are incredibly accurate and constantly improving to provide you with the best possible data. The VuAI is the only sensor on the market to capture both occupancy and environmental metrics.
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Data is only as useful as the decisions that it powers. VuSpace makes it easy to visualize your data, draw conclusions and ultimately make decisions that improve your company’s workplace experience and drive cost savings.

Take a look at our new enhancements:
  • Set custom recurring notifications based on capacity, usage, and occupancy.
  • Receive notifications in our web dashboard or via text and email.
  • Use area rules to support custodial schedules and improve cleaning to better match usage.
  • Extended reporting capabilities for larger, more efficient historical analysis.
  • General support for increased health and safety focus for our clients.

ROI Calculators

See how AVUITY’s workplace analytics can save your company time and money with our resource calculators, ensuring we bring value to your office environment.

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