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AVUITY has hardware and software, like office sensors and apps, that gather data and present solutions to our clients to improve their in-office productivity.
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AVUITY utilizes workplace occupancy sensors to discreetly monitor workplace trends and ensure the most optimized utilization of the space to benefit the users.


VuSpace is a web-based application that collects your occupancy data and allows you to access meaningful reports and analytics while managing the hardware deployed across your organization. Whether you’re looking to better understand your workplace utilization trends, run a report on average meeting room occupancy, or visualize a real-time heatmap—VuSpace is the solution.
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Employees are more mobile than ever, whether it’s at home or in the office, a change in environment can increase productivity and lead to better work overall. VuBook leverages digital displays and a mobile app to allow end-users to locate and book unoccupied space on the fly by pulling data from both sensors and your existing calendar platform.

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From interactive maps to booking services, our mobile app brings the power of the AVUITY system to the palm of your hand.
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