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Monitoring Occupancy Data with VuSpace

Manage your data, analytics, reporting, hardware, and more on a single platform—VuSpace.
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Monitoring Occupancy Data with VuSpace

VuSpace is a web-based application that collects your occupancy data and allows you to access meaningful reports and analytics while managing the hardware deployed across your organization. Whether you’re looking to better understand your workplace utilization trends, run a report on average meeting room occupancy, or visualize a real-time heatmap—VuSpace is the solution.

New Enhancements

VuSpace is designed to streamline your business operations and its latest enhancements in collecting occupancy data equip it to do so.

  • Set custom recurring notifications based on capacity, usage, and occupancy.
  • Receive notifications in our web dashboard or via text and email.
  • Use area rules to support custodial schedules and improve cleaning to better match usage.
  • Utilize extended reporting capabilities for larger, more efficient historical analysis.
  • Provide general support for increased health and safety focus for our clients.
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Measure and Manage with VuSpace

Data that Informs Impactful Workplace Decisions

VuSpace compiles usage data that is collected from a variety of different types of inputs, from occupancy sensors to badge technology. As a result, you have the information you need to measure and manage your environment to best suit its occupants.

VuSpace includes:

  • Customized Reporting
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Live Heat Maps
  • Device Manager for Easy Deployment and Servicing
  • Open APIs to integrate our platform with your existing systems

Wayfinding with VuSpace

Craft an Engaging Space Driven by Data

With nearly a quarter of companies anticipating a move to agile workspace, wayfinding has become increasingly important. Otherwise known as spatial problem solving, wayfinding is crucial to productivity, ensuring people get to where they need to go without wasting time. With the help of interactive map displays and customized 3-D floorplans, you’ll find the easiest path to any area, amenity, or point of interest.