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Whether your workplace is corporate or retail, AVUITY offers nimble services designed to help you get the best out of your business.

Badge Analysis
Understand when individuals enter
and leave the building

Detailed monitoring
of areas and assets

Track individuals’ movement throughout the workplace via a device’s Wi-Fi connection

AVUITY is an independent technology firm equipping organizations with custom tools that collect, monitor and measure how people and place interact. Our expertise delivers unprecedented levels of actionable analytics trusted by business leaders across industries to help them improve the way they work, manage facilities, enhance building performance, increase sales and, ultimately deliver better and more immersive experiences to end users.

AVUITY’s space utilization solution:

AVUITY’s space utilization solutions use state of the art technology, including badges, sensors, and Wi-Fi, to gather information about how employees and customers use your space. Our software organizes, analyzes, and reports this data in easy to read charts and diagrams, helping you get the most value from your workspace.


Through motion detection, sound and temperature, the VuSensor gathers data on how people interact with your space, which you can use to help make important decisions for your business. The sensors are low-profile, and all services
are offered a la carte, so you can choose which work best for your needs.

AVUITY’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS):

AVUITY’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) tracks and manages physical assets and real estate, providing data and solutions that will help increase efficiencies. Whether your setting is corporate, retail, or higher education, AVUITY has the custom software to meet your needs. IWMS provides work order management, lease administration, asset management, project management, capital budgeting, strategic space planning, and more.

And remember, as always, AVUITY will work with you to customize these services if needed.



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