VuBook helps your company do meetings the right way. From interactive displays to integrating into desktop and mobile, our multi-channel platform offers a complete solution to help you and your employees find and schedule open meeting space.


Through motion detection, sound and wifi temperature, the VuSensor collect data on how people interact with your space, which you can use to help make important decisions for your business.

From booking rooms to tracking space usage, our tools help you create a better employee experience.

Make the most of your space

In any business, there’s no room for wasted time or space. We offer a suite of products and services that give you a view into the activity of your office that you’ve never had before. With the combination of our software, hardware, and backend analytics we are able to optimize your office in a way that gets the most productivity out of your team and the space they work in every single day. We don’t just want your office to work, we want it to work for you.

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