The Ultimate Attendee’s Guide To CoreNet Global Summit 2022

corenet conferenceReady for the 2022 CoreNet Global Summit? In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know whether you’re a first time attendee or a veteran. You’ll learn about:

  • What to do before you arrive
  • The best restaurants in the area
  • Places to meet

AVUITY has been attending CoreNet for years, and as a gold sponsor we’re going to give you the real insider’s perspective.

About the Conference: CoreNet Global Summit North America is the premier gathering of real estate professionals. This year the conference will be located in Chicago at McCormack Place November 1-3, 2022.

Before you arrive


  • Download the app. Before you arrive, download the CoreNet App (Apple Store) (Google Store). It contains a complete itinerary for the event.
  • Plan out your sessions: There are two “learning experience” blocks in the afternoon, with 8 overlapping sessions. While no pre-registration is required for these sessions, you should definitely look through the list prior so you can head straight to the one that will be most helpful for you, and check how to get to that room.
  • Get there early:  McCormack place is the largest conference center in North America. Plan accordingly by getting there early and allowing ample time to register, find a good seat, and walk through the center to your session.
  • Order extra business cards: If you haven’t already, it’s going to be difficult to get them online at this point (express delivery from Vistaprint is 7 days). A local print shop or staples is your next best option.
  • Do your research: CoreNet has a member directory with over 10,000 corporate and real estate professionals. There’s also two 30 minute networking sessions each day to meet new ones. If there’s anyone that you want to talk with at the conference specifically, make sure to connect with them on Linkedin before the conference and set up a time to meet in-person. 
  • Charge your devices. If you forgot your charger, there is a best buy kiosk inside of the conference center and a marketplace inside of the Hyatt with chargers.

Where to eat


Continental Breakfast and Lunch is included at the conference Wednesday and Thursday. The conference is hosting a Global Awards and Recognition Dinner Thursday night from 7:00PM to 9:30PM at MCormick place. However, tickets must be purchased in advance. If you did not purchase a ticket to the dinner when registering for the conference, you can purchase one here.


If you’re looking for dinner on Wednesday night, or arriving early here are a few good options within walking distance of the conference center.


  1. The hotels. With the number of guests staying for the conference you’ll need to make reservations in advance if you want to eat at the hotel. The Marriott has Woven + Bound, a 4 star modern restaurant. The Hyatt has two less desirable restaurants located inside that are open for Lunch and Dinner: The Arc Bar (3 stars) and Sixes and Eights (also 3 stars). We wouldn’t recommend them. There is also a marketplace with coffee inside of the Hyatt and a continental breakfast. 
  2. South Indiana Avenue is the road on the Northern side of the conference center. It’s a 7 minute walk from the McCormick Square hotels and conference center.
    1. Ill Culaccino (4.5 stars) for formal Italian dining and a wine bar.
    2. Pizano’s (4 stars) is a local chain for casual Italian with some of the best deep dish pizza. When in Rome!
  3. E Cermak Road is just East of the conference center. Plan on an additional 5-10 minute walk.
    1. Fatpour Tap Works (4.5 stars) is a good place to grab bar food or a drink post-conference with over 200 beers on tap
    2. Apolonia (4.5 stars) A more upscale, modern option with small plates.
  4. Worth the drive: There are 23 Michelin Starred restaurants in Chicago, but none of them are near the conference center. Here is the full list.

Map of the Conference Center


mccormack place map

Places to meet or work


If you need to take a call or meeting during the conference, you may want to find someplace quieter. There is a small business center in both the Hyatt and the Marriott with printers and a couple of desks. The business centers are located on the 2nd floor of each hotel. Momentum coffee is just down the street, about 10 minutes from the conference center. It is much larger and quieter than the Starbucks inside of the conference center. If you’re arriving early to the airport (or departing late), O’Hare has some of the best lounges for business travelers, between the United Polaris lounge in Terminal 1 and the Delta lounge in Terminal 5.


This guide was brought to you by AVUITY, a CoreNet gold sponsor. Stop by our booth (#227) at CoreNet to learn how to optimize your workplace and subscribe to our newsletter for a free copy of our keynotes from the conference.

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