AVUITY Introduces Solutions to Enable Safe Return to Work During COVID-19

AVUITY Introduces Solutions to Enable Safe Return to Work During COVID-19

Alerts on employee headcount, proximity and density among key safety features

CINCINNATI [April 22, 2020] – AVUITY is announcing today the upcoming release of a suite of health and safety offerings designed to help reduce the risks of Covid-19 transmission among workers. These extensions of AVUITY’s space utilization software and occupancy sensor platform are specifically designed to inform and guide today’s evolving return-to-work strategies.

The new features will make the upcoming return to work simpler and safer for AVUITY clients and their employees.

Avuity’s new features include:

  • Real-time notifications if spaces are either too highly populated or areas have reached a threshold density based on maximum capacity.
  • Automatic booking of nearby workstations to limit the number of workers in immediate proximity to one another for high usage zones.
  • Notifications when workstations, meeting rooms, cafés, or bathrooms have reached a threshold of visitors and require their next cleaning.
  • Ability to adjust protocols for space usage as health concerns change over time, preparing businesses for any future changes that might impact workspace safety.

“Making sure the next several months see a carefully planned return-to-work strategy where workers can both restart efficient work in the office while maintaining social distancing is key,” said Brad Johnson, AVUITY CEO. “These offerings allow employers to make informed, data-driven decisions about workspace management and employee safety that could help mitigate the transmission of the virus in the workplace.”

Additional features and capabilities will be rolled out in the days ahead, including notifications and booking capabilities on the density of workers in space as well as headcount and population benchmarks to help organizations comply with health and safety protocols as end users return to the office.  AVUITY is looking to launch these features and enhancements by mid-May.

From occupancy sensors and room booking, to space measurement and customized reporting, AVUITY gives businesses the data they need to understand how their space and amenities are being used so they can make informed workspace management decisions and improve employee experience.

Make your space work.

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