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Case Study: Optimizing Workspace Utilization with Advanced Sensor Technology

Background and Challenge A client that specializes in retail data science and analytics encountered significant challenges with their conference room capacity. They were seeking accurate data on room usage, including frequency, the size of the teams using the rooms, and specific equipment requirements. Early attempts to gather data via employee surveys resulted in discrepancies between […]

Space Saving Case Study

Download the full Space Saving Case Study as a PDF here. A national health insurance provider engaged AVUITY to better understand space utilization across their office campus. The company occupied 780,000 square feet across twelve buildings in two markets at the time of the initial engagement. Sensors were installed across two sites to collect actionable […]

Occupancy Sensor — HVAC Integration

Download the full Occupancy Sensor HVAC Integration Guide as a PDF here.   Since HVAC systems are one of the largest energy consumers in commercial buildings, optimizing them to deliver comfortable indoor environments with as little energy as possible has long been an important design goal. However, it has until recently not been common practice […]

Global Considerations for CRE Leaders

Making data-driven decisions about your corporate real estate in the United States is challenging enough. But what about decision making at a global scale? In this article we’ll hone in on three key areas that corporate real estate leaders must consider: economic conditions, local regulations, and sustainability. Then, we’ll cover how you can stay ahead […]

Does Your Company Have The Right Space?

Some companies have adopted an incentive-based approach rather than issuing ultimatums in the tug-of-war over working from home and returning to the office. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers who were suddenly required to work from home became accustomed to the advantages and have resisted a full-time return to the office.  The US Chamber of […]

To Renew or Not to Renew: A Decision-Making Framework for CRE Professionals

In late 2023, the outlook for office property remains volatile and uncertain. Occupancy and rent remain below the pre-pandemic levels, and many companies are struggling with decisions on how much space they need going into 2024. In several important real estate markets, including New York and San Francisco, office buildings are undergoing transformation into multifamily […]

Everything You Can Measure With Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors are rapidly changing the way companies think about real estate and the workforce. These small but mighty sensors do more than you might think: there is a wealth of data that can be measured with occupancy sensors that can help corporate real estate executives make better decisions that impact both CRE metrics and […]