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The Top 20 Companies With Hybrid Work Models in 2023

The last few years have completely changed how people and companies view the way we work. As a result, remote and work-from-home positions are more in demand and more available than ever. New technologies such as advanced workplace sensors are enabling companies to accurately track office usage, save on real estate, and support the transition […]

Developing a Wellness Strategy For Your Company

Companies worldwide are realizing that employee wellness isn’t just a nice perk or an afterthought; it’s a critical component of business success. When employees are happy, healthy, and engaged, businesses reap the rewards in terms of both productivity and profitability.    Before COVID, employers were already investigating and implementing strategies to promote the wellness of […]

The Occupancy Planning Playbook

Occupancy planning allows companies to optimize how they use their space in the present and the future. The goal of occupancy planning is to help companies make the most out of the current square footage available and anticipate future office space needs. This typically involves rearranging office floor plans, updating the number of desks and […]

Creating a Dynamic Workplace with AVUITY

Download a PDF of this case study. BACKGROUND A US based health insurance company has approximately 4,500 employees and eight buildings spanning two cities. AVUITY has helped this company: Increase space utilization pre-pandemic when employees complained of a “full” office. Move to a Hybrid Work model over the course of the pandemic.   PROBLEM #1 […]

Space Assessment – Using Sensors when Badge Data is Insufficient

For a PDF Download of this case study, click here. BACKGROUND A multinational information and analytics company selected AVUITY to help them: Understand space utilization rates within select facilities        Determine if and where excess space existed  Both goals emphasized the need to manage rising costs of real estate while maintaining appropriate facilities for their global […]

Using Sensors to Improve the Workplace Environment While Reducing Costs

For a PDF Download of this case study, click here. Background Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, work modalities have continued to fluctuate between in-person, hybrid, and remote. While the number of employees entering the workspace every day has been reduced, the expectations for cleanliness have increased. AVUITY has recognized the ever-growing need for revised cleaning […]

51 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Workplace Utilization Technology Company

If you landed on this, you’re probably considering hiring a workplace technology company. But what questions should you ask to ensure you hire the right one? We know vetting any company is no easy task – particularly when it comes to advanced technology solutions like occupancy sensors and workplace analytics software. That’s why we compiled […]