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Workplace Amenities 2.0: Aligning Culture, Tech, and Employee Well-Being

Workplaces are changing into spaces where employees can have unique experiences they can’t get at home: creative collaboration, face-to-face connections, and an environment equipped with technology and amenities that enhance productivity.   Take Norfolk Southern, the Atlanta transportation company, for instance. They offer amenities to compete for top talent against tech giants like Google. Their […]

A Guide to Measuring Office Utilization

This comprehensive guide will cover more than ten different methods that companies use to measure office utilization – from old fashion surveys to modern occupancy sensors. To download a PDF version of the guide, click here. Today, occupancy sensors are the most effective way to measure utilization. Occupancy sensors are electronic devices that can detect […]

The Insider’s Guide to Attending WorkX San Diego

Whether you’re a seasoned conference attendee or a first-time participant, AVUITY has crafted this comprehensive guide to ensure you extract the maximum value from your WorkX San Diego experience.  Over the years, AVUITY has participated in and gleaned insights from countless conferences. Drawing upon this wealth of knowledge, we aim to provide you with an […]

The Definitive Guide to Hot Desking

In today’s dynamic work landscape, companies across the globe are embracing a modern and flexible approach to workspace design known as hot desking. This trend has gained momentum, as evidenced by recent implementations at major organizations.   For example, Google’s cloud unit encouraged desk sharing among employees at its largest locations, promoting collaboration and adaptability. […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Attending WORKTECH23 Chicago

Are you ready to navigate the exciting world of WORKTECH23 Chicago? Whether you’re a first-time participant or an experienced conference-goer, this comprehensive guide will equip you with all the insider tips and strategies to ensure you get the most out of your experience.   At AVUITY, we’ve spent years attending and engaging in numerous conferences. […]

Rightsizing Your Real Estate & Office Space

If you are among the many global organizational leaders striving to maximize productivity and efficiency amidst a challenging labor market and economic uncertainties, rightsizing your company’s property portfolio is a big first step in that direction.    Forty-three percent of business leaders prioritize reducing real estate expenses within the next three years, according to a […]

How To Measure Collaboration

How much collaboration is taking place at your company? What are the quality and outcomes of that collaboration? If you’re hard-pressed to answer those questions, you may not be fully harnessing one of your organizational superpowers.    Collaboration at work refers to the process of individuals or teams working together, often across different organizational functions, […]

The Top 20 Companies With Hybrid Work Models in 2023

The last few years have completely changed how people and companies view the way we work. As a result, remote and work-from-home positions are more in demand and more available than ever. New technologies such as advanced workplace sensors are enabling companies to accurately track office usage, save on real estate, and support the transition […]