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51 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Workplace Utilization Technology Company

If you landed on this, you’re probably considering hiring a workplace technology company. But what questions should you ask to ensure you hire the right one? We know vetting any company is no easy task – particularly when it comes to advanced technology solutions like occupancy sensors and workplace analytics software. That’s why we compiled […]

How To Manage & Measure Hybrid Work Attendance

After the pandemic, thousands of companies are experimenting with hybrid work for the first time this year. Others already have an established hybrid work policy in place and are wondering whether it’s being followed. According to a recent survey by the AWA, policies that mandate employees attend three days per week only result in 2.1 […]

What Is A Right-Sized Workplace?

A right-sized workspace optimizes spaces and intentionally uses each square foot. If you have empty meeting rooms and desks that haven’t been used in years, now is the time to update your offices and right-size your workplace. Right-Size Workplace Definition A right-sized workplace is an office space that efficiently fits the needs of those that […]

The Benefits of Desk Booking Software

As hybrid workplaces become the new norm due to Covid-19, businesses must adjust. Fortunately, there is a way to solve many of our modern-day, post-pandemic problems, at least in the office. To be specific, desk booking software is the ultimate solution for hybrid workplaces. As you continue to read this article, you will understand everything […]

The Twofold Approach to Your Workplace Transformation

In general, offices around the world have been slowly opening in 2021, with more expected in 2022. And depending on where your organization is based, the process may or may not be entirely painless. With so many working from home, organizations now focus on improving existing spaces rather than expanding their physical footprint. Further, “return […]

Workplace Analytics: 4 Ways to Leverage Data in 2021

Introduction It’s no surprise that normal work modes and habits moving into 2021 will be drastically different than those in recent past years. Plus, many subjects seem to be gaining traction with relative ease in the workforce. For instance, these include working from home, employee flexibility, emphasis on health and safety. One major change that […]

AVUITY partners with Midwest AV leader, Tierney.

AVUITY is pleased to announce our partnership with St. Paul-based technology and AV provider, Tierney.  Tierney is a national leader in delivering best-in-class technology solutions across the country and we are excited to add our industry-leading occupancy sensors and employee experience platform to their portfolio.  Together we plan on delivering customized workplace solutions to more […]