A Tiny Tool with Big Impact for Business

Through motion detection, sound and temperature, the VuSensor gathers data on how people interact with your space, which you can use to help make important decisions for your business. VuSensor’s data exports into simple reports and customizable dashboards for your convenience and easy analysis. The sensors are low-profile, and all services are offered a la carte, so you can choose which work best for your needs.


The VuSensor can be used in various types of business situations:


Use the sensor to gather information about the utilization of space in your building. Where are employees gathering, and what areas go unused? Get all of the data you need to make decisions about your space. In addition, the VuSensor has the ability to communicate with building automation systems—so you can turn off lights, air conditioning or heat in unoccupied spaces.


Optimize your retail space by getting to know the habits of your customers. How much time did they spend in your space, and what areas did they visit? Use the information to improve the quality of your patrons’ experience as well as assist you with proper product placement.


No matter what type of business you have, VuSensor can provide added security, helping you keep track of how many people are in the building and where are they located at any given time.

When it comes to your business, make decisions with data, not on assumptions.