Real Time Space Utilization

VuSpace Utilization

Enter VuSpace Utilization, AVUITY’s location analytics service that will help you answer these questions:

Where do your employees spend their time—individually, and in groups? How many employees visit the building/campus on any given day? How can utilization analytics improve building performance? What is the cost of wasted space?

AVUITY offers a series of real-time data collection devices, including:

Badge Analysis
Understand when individuals enter and leave the building

Detailed monitoring
of areas and assets

Track individuals’ movement throughout the workplace via a device’s Wi-Fi connection

AVUITY’s software organizes, analyzes, and reports data in easy to read charts and diagrams, including heat maps of your workspace utilization—showing firsthand, and in real time, how employees use your space.

Don’t make the mistake of making real estate decisions without having valid information. AVUITY can provide meaningful data to help you make the right choices.