Conference Room Kiosk


Out of the box and into your office, AVUITY offers an affordable, time-saving solution to help your team locate and schedule open meeting space.

Nimble software to fit your needs:

Our software runs on Android, iOS and Windows tablets, so you can choose the operating system that works best for you. Add your organization’s logo and colors for a personalized touch.

Affordable monthly plans:

No need to lay out capital for our services; AVUITY solutions can be part of your ongoing operational expenses.

Intuitive, easy to install interface:

Training time is minimal with our easy to use interface, designed with the end-user in mind. It’s so easy to install you can do it yourself, no need for contractors or IT integrators.

Office 365 compatible:

Pair our software with Office 365 for an immediate connection to all scheduled meetings across your organization.

Pair with other AVUITY services for optimal results:

Pair the kiosk with digital wayfaring to facilitate room reservations, or with sensors to collect data on utilization and meeting space availability. Sensors can even cancel the room reservation if no one shows up to the meeting!