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Archibus Utility Analysis console

New ARCHIBUS Release Links Strategic Planning and Labor Planning

Our IWMS provider and partner ARCHIBUS released new updates that we’re excited to share with you. The latest version (ARCHIBUS V23.2) bolsters and expands the innovations of V.23.1, further aligning operational functions towards overarching strategic goals so that your organization can function more efficiently as a whole.

A key trend in this latest iteration is a refinement of their UI integration and its ability to control key management aspects with user-friendly consoles. The consoles for energy management, PM planning, and Labor planning were redesigned to tighten the reporting process that links strategic planning to employees and contractors, in both directions. This way, every layer of your organization can move in a consistent mode.

The new version also features a sweeping range of upgrades, with a prominent trend towards deepening compliance, so you can effectively link regulatory requirements to operational and verification actions. New capabilities were also added to help you record and track outsourced work and contracts.

Overall highlights of the upgrade include:

Enhanced Compliance

  • Manage outsourced contracts for compliance with Compliance Contract Manager, and verify compliance with personalized surveys.
  • Get ahead of the curve; conform to significant new lease accounting regulations

Expanded Capabilities

  • Streamline your move process by integrating moves with strategic space planning
  • Use enhanced asset reporting to track assets by exception and follow their chain-of-custody (with ISO55000 framework)

Enhanced User Interface

  • Improve your tracking and scheduling of preventive maintenance services and labor management with the new PM Planner and Labor Scheduler consoles
  • Switch instantly between 2D and 3D BIM, and streamline BIM model approval
  • Top-view of utilities with new Utilities Analysis Console


If you have questions about the new update, we are here to help.

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When It’s Time To Upgrade Workforce Management Systems, Consolidated Solutions Are Best

Today’s Facilities Managers are continually being asked to do more with less and are looking for ways to be more efficient.  For most organizations, their current systems pose a challenge as many companies end up with multiple, disparate systems.  What they need is one platform that can streamline business processes across all business units while reducing support requirements.

As companies replace older systems that are reaching the end of their useful lives, they have the opportunity to replace them with a single, supportable platform that connects to multiple outside systems.

Only 25 percent of a building’s cost over 30 years is design and construction. Operating costs make up 75 percent of the expenses. Deciding what Facilities Management system to use is, therefore, a long-term investment.

When AVUITY began offering customized workforce management solutions, we researched all the market and identified ARCHIBUS as the most complete offering for our clients.

ARCHIBUS is the world’s top solution for real estate, infrastructure and facilities management. One hundred ninety countries utilize ARCHIBUS for their integrated workforce management (IWMS). What sets ARCHIBUS apart is the company’s history. When ARCHIBUS launched in 1982 it was the world’s first integrated CAD and Alpha/Numeric solution for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management applications.

Today, ARCHIBUS continues to innovate for its 8 million global users.  A multi-award winner from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Integrated Workplace Management Systems, ARCHIBUS provides a single, comprehensive, integrated web-based solution with 35 applications that help serve businesses.

As an ARCHIBUS business partner our role is to implement, train, and provide maintenance for ARCHIBUS.  We have worked with clients in a number of different verticals, from corporate, government, education, and retail.  Each customer has its own specific need and has looked to AVUITY to customize ARCHIBUS to fit their business processes, from heat maps that track classroom utilization at universities to P.O. systems that flow seamlessly with work order management.

Recently, a client came to us with a challenge: They needed a highly customized system to act as one platform for work order management, including an interface for outside vendors.

We recommended ARCHIBUS’ Building Operations for its console workflow that automates the process for each maintenance request, from employee request, to approval, to scheduling, to work order issuance, to completion, and feedback through customized service-level agreements. Clients can manage every step in a single Building Ops Console view.

We integrated all the functionality of invoicing with completed work orders, developing highly customizable, singular solution for that enabled our client to do the following:

  • Managing and monitoring building operations invoices based upon business segmentation;
  • The capture of work completed transferring automatically to invoice details;
  • Vendors to combine multiple line items into a single invoice;
  • Vendors to start invoices and continually update through the month until ready to send;
  • Approval and rejection processes within the system between the client and vendors;
  • Classification and coding of charges; and
  • Automated integration with an enterprise accounts payable system to trigger the payment process and return payment details.

Now the client manages over 10,000 work requests a month with 581 different suppliers submitting 50 invoices every day.  The solution sets the foundation for future system consolidation and increased system integrations.  Since deploying ARCHIBUS, we’ve seen a decrease in their cost to complete work orders and an increase in overall operational efficiency.